Reggae Bandana

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  • One Bandana, many uses: Wearable as a headgear, head band, face mask, hand band, or neck gaiter, this is a unisex accessory that is as versatile as eye-catching.
  • Everlasting softness: Crafted from a highly breathable bamboo-cotton-spandex blend, the more skin-contact it gets, the more it softens.
  • Not forgetting, our Bandana never ages. Rather, continues its journey to ultimate softness with every wash.
  • Folded hem = Better grip: Custom-built to stay in place, no matter where and how you style it! Unlike ordinary Bandanas, ours is not too loose or tight, it is just right!
  • No harsh dyes: Just like our other apparel, the Bandana is not treated with any harsh dyes or chemicals, making it a safe bet for people with sensitive skin

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